LA Winn, Georgia born and raised in Alabama.  Growing up in church were he began playing the drums and keyboard later realizing that he could sing after coming up watching his family members singing in church and around the house. It was then he knew he wanted to become a recording artist.
His uncle noticed that he could sing and he heard on the local radio station about a talent show and a big prize that would be given to the winner.  His uncle put together a group including LA Winn and 3 of his other cousins. His uncle took the Jackson 5 and the New Edition albums to his nephews and asked the group to choose which song they would like to sing and New Edition "Is This The End" was chosen.  They took the stage and won 1st prize. 
That started LA Winn journey to become a recording artist.  Promoters started calling for opening acts and he became that guy opening up for major artist like: The Temptations, Patti LaBelle, O Jays, Howard Hewett, LeVert, Brick, Ohio Players, and ROME it has been a honor for him to open for all of these legendary acts over the years.
Later residing in ATLANTA, GA is were everything started falling in place for him inside the entertainment industry.  LA Winn worked with so many artists including the early stage of developing Clifford Harris known as "T.I.", Ludacris , 8 Ball & MJG, Snoop Dog, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Sam Salter, Lil' OOWEE, YoYo and SIR CHARLES JONES just to name a few.
He spent many years working with others now it's time that he bring it back to the beginning with "SOUTHERN SOUL".  "I'm so excited to bring this new project with real singing, band, and background singers bringing the whole show"........
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